Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Getting ready to leave for Africa means having coffee and tea in Panera while we try to figure out who will feed the dog for the three months, who will cut the grass, and who will open the mail?

People are wishing us well now in case they don't see us before we depart.  These well wishers are making our departure more and more a reality.

I've tried to suggest to people that panic is a necessary part of leaving a life behind for three months; but somehow panic is not necessarily the only part.

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JF Dulles said...

I remember when I first had to leave Watertown for a long trip... my dad said, "This city got along for 100 years without you and it will get along fine for the few weeks you are gone."

Take it from me, pretty soon everyone will be saying, "What was that guy's name again?"

So just go and have a good time.