Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Abiding is not doing nothing

On June 7th my wife, Kathy, and I will take our two youngest children to Africa. A month later our youngest daughter and a niece will follow, and then two weeks later our eldest daughter. Altogether we will be in the city of Mzuzu for 10 weeks. The time will be spent walking, sitting, dancing, singing, and praying.

The intent of each will be to see what it means to abide; what does it mean to be with others in a place without looking beyond, without preparing for the next step.

My intent in seeking such a time of rest and exploration was to understand how to be in a place without looking beyond it. To abide. The more I have prepared, though, the more I have found that to abide doesn't mean to be still, or even to be in just one place. It seems to mean that wherever you are, be there.

I chose Africa, and Malawi and particular, because when I have been there I felt it was hard to think beyond it.

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