Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kathy writes

What a fun day yesterday! In the morning when I went with Jodi to drop off the boys at school, I met the Headmaster and his wife, some teachers, and two students from M.I.T. who had come to install sixteen computers at the school. The MIT students were very friendly and we chatted for a little bit and introduced ourselves. I met Justin and then a girl whose name is unpronounceable to me. Jodi asked her what kind of name it was and she said, Turkish. So off we went yakking it up about Turkey and where she had grown up and where I had visited when we were there last Fall. Ends up when her family moved to the U.S. they ended up in Albany (NY, of course). For how vast this world is, it always amazes me how there is also such a connectedness and things are so interrelated.

A few hours later a group of women met at an Indian restaurant for a goodbye lunch for Jodi’s friend who is moving back to England at the end of the month. It was such a fun eclectic group. The women were from Ireland, India, French Canada, England, Malawi, and then the two of us from the U.S. with Jodi being an ex-patriot (her term, not mine). It was really wonderful to be part of their group and listen to what their life in Malawi is like. I really love my life at home, but it’s amazing and I’m so glad to be living a totally different one for a short time.

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